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Boost Your Backyard Grill Out With a Bacon Hot Dog Topping Bar

Hungry for patriotic party ideas? Try a buffet that combines two of America's favorite foods: hot dogs and bacon! Nathan's Famous can help you make it happen.

Cookout season is firing up and this year, we have a new twist on patriotic party fare. Pair two of America’s favorite flavors – hot dogs and bacon – and serve up a bacon hot dog topping bar your family and friends will be crazy about!

Embellish your fresh-off-the-grill Nathan’s Famous franks with these ideas for a hot dog topping bar filled with mouthwatering Smithfield bacon five ways:

1. Mustard Glazed Strips

How about enjoying this classic hot dog condiment in a new way? Spoon some Nathan’s Deli Style Mustard over black pepper bacon as it cooks. Fan out the finished glazed strips in a glorious bacon bouquet for easy grabbing. They’ll lay perfectly alongside that delicious Nathan’s Famous frank nestled in the bun.

Bacon on a Tray

2. Cheesy Crumbles

Few things go together like bacon and cheese. Crumble up some crispy smoked bacon and toss with shredded cheddar cheese or get fancy with a bacon and blue cheese option.

Bacon Cheese

3. Barbecue Glazed Strips

Bacon glazed with barbecue sauce – need we say more? Deep South inspired, this one’s sure to be a big hit with bold flavor enthusiasts. Just brush a little of your favorite BBQ sauce over bacon strips as it sizzles.

Glazed Bacon

4. Chopped Bacon, Onions and More

Think stadium-style dogs with a twist. Toss some thick-cut chopped bacon with fresh-diced onions. Add in some classic relish too, if you like.

Bacon Onions

5. Brown Sugar Sprinkled

A little sweet, a little salty – brown sugar glazed bacon is the perfect sweet and savory combo. And it’s so easy! Just sprinkle a little brown sugar over the bacon and cook until crisp and glazed.

Brown Sugar Bacon

Famous Tip

Keep things simple by serving all this delectable bacon in decorative mason jars and bowls. Identify each topping with these festive labels you can secure to the jar with ribbon, twine or wooden clothes pins. Jars too deep and narrow for serving the crumbles? Try bowls with a serving spoon.

Glass o BaconWith the All-American scent of Nathan’s Famous franks wafting through the air and all that bacon magic, be prepared for some neighborhood party crashers. Better pick up an extra pack of Nathan’s – and Smithfield bacon!

Have some bacon topping ideas of your own? Get creative! Whatever bacon toppings you serve up, you’re sure to make great memories – and maybe a new summer kickoff tradition that will last for years.

Nathan's Famous
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