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Ready to adventure beyond ketchup and mustard? Here's a great place to start.

Quick and Easy

If it’s got to be fast, and it’s got to be delicious, reach for Nathan’s Famous. Our hot dogs go great with just about everything, so it’s easy always easy to whip something up. Here are some inspirations for the next time you’re low on time but high on hunger.

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Featured Recipes


Start your day off with delicious beef hot dogs! These fun recipes combine all your breakfast favorites with Nathan’s Famous, making the most important meal of the day also the most delicious one.

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When that midday hunger strikes and you’re craving a Nathan’s famous, here are some ideas to take your lunch to the level.

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Whether you’re feeding the whole family or just yourself, Nathan’s Famous can be just the satisfaction you need when dinner time rolls around. These delectable dogs are the perfect way to finish the day.

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Appetizers and Snacks

Nathan’s Famous hot dogs are delicious, fun and versatile, just like a proper appetizer or snack should be. If you need a party favor or just a little something to nosh on, these recipes are perfect little bites of happiness.

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